Young couple coming in from a surf wearing wetsuits and carrying surfboards, using their new grass mat online purchase to clean their feet before hopping in their blue Kombi Van.

Our Story

Where did the patch of grass come from?

We are an Aussie couple, both with a background in health and business. We have two very active boys. The whole family are keen surfers, mountain bikers, hikers and campers.

We love staying active outdoors, but when it’s time to come back inside, there is so much mess!

Originally muk mat came about as a solution to keep the sand, dirt and grass out of our car after a surf. Then we found it useful to clean our feet/shoes after running, footy, golf, riding and camping.

We’d pop our "patch of grass" on the ground, clean our feet and complete strangers would come up to us and ask what it was, where we got it and where they could get one.

Australians love the outdoors lifestyle and we saw an opportunity to provide a product to make it easier to stay active and keep the muk outside.

A little insight into why we do what we do. muk mats VISION is "to inspire everyone to enjoy the great outdoors... without the worry of bringing the muk indoors."

Then came... the muk mat!

Aussie couple that founded the grass mat online - with their two active boys on surfboards taking a selfie in the ocean.

Our Values

Our grass mat online store was created on these values:

Embrace the outdoors 
Stay active, stay healthy, get outdoors

Stay connected
with family, friends, community and the environment

Find balance
Between work and play

Do something that excites you, everyday
Making the most of the positive experiences of everyday life

Be proud
Of what you do and how you do it