The Ultimate Camping Floor Mat 

Split images. First image of camping floor mat placed in front of a swag. Second image of camping floor mat placed in front of a tent housing a couple of pairs of thongs.

Get immersed in the great outdoors and leave the muk at your doorstep with the muk mat outdoor camping mat!

The muk mat is specifically designed for use as a camping ground mat or sand mat for camping as close to the ocean as possible. If you’re an avid camper, your camping tent doormat will become your best friend for keeping sand, dirt and water out of your tent (because who wants that)! No matter the size of your camping set up, our range of small to large camping floor mats is sure to fit your camping needs.

Keep the elements outside with a Camping Floor Mat

Make the most of your adventures and leave the muk outside with a camping mat from muk mat. Order yours today and purchase a second for 10% off the total amountSimply enter promotion code: SAVER10%

Your new muk mat is completely Australian owned, made from recycled, synthetic grass materials and is available in four sizes: muk mat step, muk mat original, muk mat large, and muk mat extra large in a variety of trim colours to suit all needs.

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