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The Ultimate Car Mats

Split images. First image of young boy standing on car mat removing his muddy football shoes next to the car. Second image of car mat laid down in the boot of a car.

muk mat is the ideal car boot mat if you or your kids love sport.

Simply keep the muk mat in the boot of your car and clean off dirt and mud from shoes with ease before hopping in.

The muk mat is also perfect as a dog mat for car rides to and from the beach. The synthetic grass catches dirt, mud, and loose pet hair so you don’t have to!

The muk mat is the ultimate all-round solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your car mats and car interior.

Car mats for all occasions

Enjoy the simple pleasures of a clean car and stop the muk in its tracks with muk mat. Purchase any two muk mats today and receive 10% of your order! Simply enter promotion code: SAVER10%

Your new muk mat is completely Australian owned, made from recycled, synthetic grass materials and is available in four sizes, muk mat step, muk mat original, muk mat large, and muk mat extra large in a variety of trim colours to suit all needs.

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