No one has time for cleaning and thankfully the muk mat is as low maintenance as they come. Keep your muk mat clean by following three easy steps.

1. shake

Shake the dirt out by holding the corners.

2. Rinse

Rinse with a hose. For a deeper clean, wash with warm water and use a low sud detergent like washing detergent (do not use bleach).


Hang to dry.


If your muk mat goes everwhere you do, we recommend using our storage bags to keep them safely stowed away.


HEAT DAMAGE RISK: As with any recycled plastic material, the artificial turf can be damaged by intense heat such as that caused by refracted light from materials such as glass, aluminium checker plate step sides and stainless steel. This is rare, but please take care to avoid.

We've covered this in more detail over on our "Ultimate Guide" for caring for you mat blog page.

Trip or slip hazard

All mats and floor rugs can have the opportunity to be a trip or slip hazard. muk mat blades are made from recycled plastics, and plastic does have the potential to be slippery, especially when wet. Please take care and ensure you minimise the risk of falls by securely fastening your mat and or using a non-slip matting underneath. When using caravan stairs, risks of falls or slips can be reduced by ascending and descending slowly and holding onto a steady object.

Non Slip Matting
non-slip matting steps
non-slip matting
Non Slip Matting
Non Slip Matting
Non Slip Matting

Non Slip Matting

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Dye Leaching Risk

Although our binding and velcro is colourfast, contact with some cleaners may lead to dye leaching. Ensure your muk mat is dry or placed in dry conditions to avoid transfer to other materials, including vinyl flooring.