A passion for surfing and leftover astroturf: The story of muk mat founder Suzanne Horton by Nicole Lutze Smart Company

Like all good business ideas, muk mat was created from a genuine need. As part of a family of surfers and beachgoers living on the Gold Coast, Horton constantly battled sand in her car and home. But a leftover strip of astroturf near her garage changed everything.  Read the full article here.

Gear: Everything Caravan And Camping Interview: 4 Boys and a Caravan

"Muk Mat, ensuring what's outside stays outside." Check out ECC interview with 4 Boys and a Caravan and how versatile the Muk Mat is.

Gear: The Muk Mat elevates the status of the caravan doormat Gear: The Muk Mat elevates the status of the caravan doormat

If cleanliness is next to godliness then the Muk Mat elevates the status of the caravan doormat to divine intervention. In a bid to keep the muck out of their caravan and car, a Queensland family came up with what’s now a great business idea – the Muk Mat. It’s a pretty simple concept, and as with all good ideas, it does the job without fuss. We have discussed carpet in vans, and it’s not widely accepted practice, mainly for the point of keeping things clean. However, even with smooth floors, our caravans and campers can become gritty very quickly – how does it all get in there in such volumes!….

Featured on Channel 9's Today Show as part of "The Best Gear for Camping 

muk mat features on the Today Show as one of the latest and greatest camping items on the market. Click on the link and we are mentioned around 1.51 mins in. No one likes sand, dirt and grit in the tent or caravan and especially not in their sleeping bag. Muk mat is recognised as a leader in camping mats to get the muk off your feet and shoes, plus it feels lush and adds a super stylish look to your camp set up.

Read about the "Rad" Dad of the muk mat family.

Muk Mat founders, Tod and Suzanne Horton are an Aussie couple with a background in health and business. They have two very active boys and the whole family are keen surfers, mountain bikers, runners and campers. Originally, Muk Mat came about as a solution to keep the sand, dirt and grass out of their car after a surf. Then they found it useful for cleaning their shoes after running, footy, golf, riding and camping. They’d pop their 'patch of grass' on the ground, clean their feet and complete strangers would and ask what it was, where they got it and where they could get one. Outdoria caught up with Tod, the rad dad of the family, to get the lowdown on what he loves about getting outdoors. "The outdoors energises and relaxes me all at the same time," says Tod. "Getting outdoors and into nature is the perfect way to stay fit, healthy and happy. Our most memorable family experiences are when we are outdoors, be it hiking, surfing, mountain biking or just exploring new areas. Nature is the best remedy." Click on the link to read more about Tod and his passion for family and the outdoors.

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muk mat, passes the Weekend Australians road test.

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