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 The Ultimate Synthetic Grass Door Mats

Keep your home looking spotless with the muk mat grass door mat.

If you have kids, pets or muddy work boots trudging through the house every day, you’re going to want to invest in a good quality foot mat for your home entryways.

The synthetic grass door mats have the strength and durability to rid your home of all mud and muk. Simply place a muk mat house mat at each point of entry and you’ll see the world of difference.

No matter where you live, we’re all vulnerable to the elements. That’s why you’re going to want a foot mat that has the same durability qualities of sand trapping doormats and mud catching doormats all combined into a neat patch of synthetic grass. 

A house mat that looks great and gets the job done.

Spend more time enjoying your home and less time cleaning it with a synthetic grass door mat from muk mat. Order yours today and purchase a second for 10% off! Simply enter promotion code: SAVER10%

Your new muk mat is completely Australian owned, made from recycled, synthetic grass materials and is available in four sizes, muk mat step, muk mat original, muk mat large, and muk mat extra large in a variety of trim colours to suit all needs.

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