Got a loved one who just loves the outdoors? Whether their passion is camping, mountain biking or surfing, we’ve got the perfect present they are sure to love.
muk mat is a portable synthetic grass mat designed to keep the muck outside, whether that’s a car, tent or caravan.
Perfect for anyone who loves to get outside but doesn't want to bring the mess inside.
Young surfer uses the muk mat to clean his feet and protect his surfboard and wetsuit from the rocky road before he hops in the car.


Know someone who loves to surf?

Then you’ll also know how messy sand and wetsuits can be. Enter muk mat, the perfect solution to sandy feet and wetsuits in the car.

Tip: They’re also great for protecting your board on the dirt, sand or bitumen before and after a paddle!

Young woman carries her rolled up muk mat with her to the beach to clean her feet after a swim.

Beach Lovers

Sure, a day at the beach is relaxing. But sand everywhere in your car and house isn’t!

With a muk mat, you’ll never worry about messing up the car or walking sandy feet in the front door again. Just wipe your feet, then shake out the sand from the thick pile when you’re done.

Image of the muk mat placed on the sand outside of a tent holding a pair of thongs.

Camping Enthusiasts

Summer is prime camping season. If you have a friend who loves getting off the grid, they’re going to love a muk mat.

Put in front of the tent to keep dirt, grass and sand from getting inside. Even dogs and kids will stop to wipe their feet!

Image of mountain biker using his muk mat to take off his dirty cleats before hopping in the car and heading home.

Mountain Bikers

Shopping for an avid biker? Whether they like heading out on the dirt track or up the mountain for hours on end, they’ll no doubt struggle with the pains of dirty shoes and mucky tyres at the end of a hard day’s ride.

The answer? muk mat. Keep one in the car to wipe feet on, then protect the interior from a dirty bike.

Image of young boy standing on muk mat removing his muddy football shoes next to the car

Sports Fanatics

Have a friend who loves to hit up the court, field, track or course? Sports are great until you’re forced to walk muddy, grassy shoes and clothes back into the house.

Whether it’s someone you know or maybe even their little ones, they’ll love a muk mat to keep the grass outdoors.

Image of muk mat placed on dirt immediately outside of caravan.

Caravaners & Road-trippers

Shopping for someone who loves lives and breathes road trips? Help them keep their adventures outside the caravan with the perfect welcome mat to wipe away the day.

It even rolls up for easy storage when they hit the road.

Image of woman using her muk mat to wipe her feet before entering the home.

And anyone else on your list!

Anyone with a car or a front door will love one for keeping the elements where they belong.
Great as a welcome mat, to keep in the car or caravan and basically anywhere you need to keep your feet clean, everyone will love to unwrap a muk mat.