I’ve only had to sweep the van ONCE which is just a dream come true!
A weeks worth of rain is amazingly nice but it’s not nice bringing all the muk inside our home! I’ve only had to sweep the van ONCE which is just a dream come true (less van work for 🙋🏼‍♀️) Adds the perfect amount of green to our door step, she’s super soft and got holes in the bottom making it a breeze shaking off the muk

Why carry a dog bed, when you own a muk mat?
Jorja sneaking away from camp on the weekend for a little arvo nap 😂 We literally drag the @muk.mat inside and this is what she will sleep on 😍 That’s if she doesn’t sneak up onto our bed first! We own 5 muk mats now and highly highly recommend them for any camp set up! Who else agrees 🤔

Why have we not got one sooner?
Gosh I'm glad we got one of these. Free camping and beach = ALOT of dirt. Not in my van anymore thanks to our muk mat #winning

We were the envy of our travelling crew
Hi Team just wanted to say what an amazing product you have!! We have just returned from an epic red dust trip from Perth to Mt Augustus and back through red dirt and dust! 1 Muk Mat outside the other just inside the door and we were the envy (and cleanest of vans) of our travelling crew! We even used it to lie on whilst changing one of the tyres on gravel! Going to get ourselves a step mat and the large next for our two dogs! You certainly have an amazing product and have been recommending to all!
X Anna Robinson

Even with all the red dirt, our van is kept clean
People we are travelling with are now convinced to buy one as well. Even with all the red mud and red fine sand, van is still keeping clean.


It made camp life so much more pleasant!
We put our brand new muk mat to the test! It made camp life so much more pleasant! It survived the rain, the mud, the dirt & dust! Kept the inside of our camper lovely and clean with bush camping! Highly recommend grabbing yourselves a muk mat or 2! We will certainly be ordering another 👌🏽 

J&T ft Benny & Freddy

With red dirt everywhere the van is still clean inside
muk mat has been the best investment ever. With this red dirt everywhere the van is still clean inside.

Luke and Em

The best camping accessory we have bought yet!
I have just been on a 3000km trip in outback SA with your product. As we are allowed to travel and camp in SA. And they are the best accessory I have bought yet, for our camper! LOOOVE them, they are so easy to toss in the back of the ute rolled up and they give a bit of green to the red dirt we were travelling in! I’m buying 2 more, one for our kitchen to stand at, and I am giving one to my inlaws for their new caravan. They will love it as much as us!


Works so much better than what we had from Bunnings
What’s one thing you can’t live without while camping/caravanning?? A nice mat at my front door?⁣ ⁣⁣⁣After a day out exploring, getting all dirty, the last thing you want is to walk into your van with dirty feet. We had a piece of fake grass at our front door that we got from Bunnings, but it was all bulky in our Travels. It doesn’t roll up nicely or stay clean.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣So we decided to try out the Muk Mat.⁣ ⁣⁣My gosh. What a game changer it is!!!f⁣ ⁣⁣⁣It rolls up nicely to put in the tunnel,⁣ ⁣It has a second small mat for your steps so you are dusting your feet off twice as you walk into your van,⁣ ⁣You simply just shake it and it is clean⁣ ⁣And it is a nice size to have as you entry mat.
Brent & Molly

muk mat - "Absolute customer service superstars"
Special thank you to Suzanne who is an absolute customer service superstar.

Life off track Aus.

Our fur babies need a muk mat for their house too..
Even the fur babies are staying home with their muk mat. We can’t just have one, they’re special too. LOVE our muk mats.


Having our muk mats now keeps me CALM.
We don’t have a van as such we have a jayco camper I own 2 mats now and my son has one for his swag. I have talked so many of my friends into them. One brought one as a gift for her dad. I hope when he hits the road again he will be able to tell everyone about them!! They truly are the BEST!! From someone who has OCD this keeps me calm”


Nothing comes close to muk mat
Forget other mats for camping or caravanning. Tried them and they don’t come close to the Muk Mat. It is brilliant and perfect for our Wild Tribe caravan adventure. I’m getting another for the 4WD. Works, dries quickly and maybe a little creepy but feels awesome on your feet


I borrowed my friends and it was AMAZING!
I borrowed my friends last camping trip at New Years and it was AMAZING! Only just thought of it today and so happy I can take one with me this trip.


If you don't have one, you need one
Our muk mat has been the best thing ever ! If you don’t have one you need one.

Our Sandy Days

muk mat has been an absolute lifesaver
muk mat has been an absolute lifesaver this trip, especially since we got to the dusty areas.

Maggie the Project

We haven't had to sweep at all
Just comparing dirt in the van to may sister, who doesn’t have a muk mat, She has had to sweep every day. We haven’t had to sweep at all!. This convinced her to get one.

Kenny the Caravan

That green mat there is a godsend!
That green mat there is a godsend! We would have a LOT of mud in the van if we didn't have it. The muk mat is so handy, not just for caravans, but for camp trailers, tents, even just rolled up in the back of the car for beach days.

The Jones on the roam

We camp loads and tried them all. Yours are the best.
I will do lots of shout outs about your muk mats on our travels because they are the best. We camp loads and tried them all. Yours are the best

Camp more worry less

Fur babies can't get enough of the muk mat
Our fur babies can’t get enough of the muk mat. One hops off and the other hops on.

Camp more worry less

It's the bomb!
We use our muk mat at the door of our caravan. It’s the bomb! Stops sand and dirt getting inside.

Trip in a van

We are so grateful for your incredible product
We are so grateful for your incredible product. It’s been a lifesaver!. Wanted to share the love to other travellers because we love the muk mat.

Caravan of conversation

The puppies always claim it.
This little cutie has already claimed it.