Gold Coast Excellence in Business Awards

Suzanne Horton Gold Coast Business Awards

Launched in 1996, the Gold Coast Excellence in Business Awards started as a way to recognise local family businesses. Now in its 27th year, the awards recognise companies across almost every industry.

Today, the Awards seek to elevate the image and identity of Gold Coast businesses and to foster pride in its community by highlighting the growing importance of the Gold Coast as a leading business hub and encouraging new businesses to emerge from its fold.

From May to October, awards are presented in 11 categories

  • Emerging and Micro Business
  • Family Business
  • Retail, Wholesale and Distribution
  • Construction and Trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Professions and Services
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • IT and Digital Business
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Mayors Innovation GC
  • Tourism, Hospitality and Events 

In October, muk mat was proud to stand among some of the most renowned Gold Coast businesses, winning the Retail, Wholesale and Distribution awards.

"As a business that started from what seemed to be such a simple idea and to now be the best grass mat on the market is something that still blows my mind," says Suze Horton, muk mat founder. "When we took out the October award, I couldn't have been prouder. Standing next to long-standing Gold Coast institutions was an honour and something I won't forget!"

Suzanne Horton Gold Coast Business Awards

At the end of the year, the worthy winners vie for the Annual Awards for the same categories, competing for the Business of the Year Award Honour. The Award ceremony is held in a black-tie Gala Affair at The Star Gold Coast. It was nothing short of spectacular!

The Gold Coast is fast becoming a sought-after business hub that is as diverse in its industry as it is in its landscape. We believe that awards like this will continue to help build a robust business base that will encourage entrepreneurs and other businesses to start or relocate here.

We have many exciting projects planned for the coming year at muk mat. We want to thank the Gold Coast Excellence in Business Awards for recognising our continued efforts to build a brand and product that supports our community, environment and, most of all, our lifestyle. 

As always, muk mat aims to support Australian tourism and encourage avid adventures to get out and explore our beautiful country. But when it comes to living on the Gold Coast, we say don't just come for a visit. Come for a lifetime!